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WWP Text Distribution News

by Rebecca Capolungo, Text Distribution Coordinator

The WWP Mission Statement declares that we intend "to recover and disseminate the range of writings in English by women." At present, this dissemination is accomplished through the distribution of paper copies of the texts in our textbase. Every day I receive email messages, letters, and telephone calls from students and professors around the globe who are using WWP texts in their research and in their classrooms. The letters include phrases like this:

"I mean to use the romance in a small seminar..."

"...for a reading group..."

"...for a freshman survey course..."

"...in a High School English class..."

"...in a course on women writers before 1700."

"I am a graduate student working on women's autobiographical texts in England in the 17th century..."

"...putting together my Ph.D. exam reading list..."

This list could go on and on.

WWP texts are being used in 47 states, 4 Canadian provinces, and 11 foreign countries; I receive messages regularly from scholars who are contacting the WWP for the first time. Since 1992, we have seen a 70% rise in the number of texts distributed, and with the recent addition of an ordering feature on the web page, I expect the number of requests to continue to go up.

There are currently 164 texts from the WWP textbase which are distributed to the public in paper form. They range in length from 1 to 700 pages and represent a sampling of the genres and time periods that the WWP intends to include in its corpus. They range in price from $3 to $40 and can be ordered by mail, email, or telephone. The textlist can obtained in hard copy by contacting the WWP directly. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please address all requests to:

Text Distribution
Women Writers Project
Box 1841
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

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