WWP The Project Newsletter Archive Volume 3,Number 1 From the Director

From the Director

Dr. Carol DeBoer-Langworthy

This column reports on our most recent Annual Meeting of September 20 and 21, 1996. At that time the Executive Committee of the WWP's Advisory Board met with WWP staff in a two-day event that proved quite fruitful. We shared information on accomplishments of the WWP in the past year and agreed on some directions for the coming year's work. The meeting was convened by Susanne Woods, Professor of English at Franklin & Marshall College and Chair of the Executive Committee. Others in attendance were Executive Committee members Nancy Armstrong, Carol Barash, Carol DeBoer-Langworthy, Elizabeth Hageman, Elizabeth Kirk, and Allen Renear; and WWP staff Syd Bauman, Paul Caton, Julia Flanders, Carole Mah, Karen Murphy, and Jacque Russom.

This was the first Annual Meeting for Nancy Armstrong, who is the Nancy Duke Lewis Chair of Women's Studies at Brown and the newest member of the Executive Committee. Persons appointed to the WWP's Research and Advisory Boards were reviewed, including the enumeration of the newer appointments. Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, a creative writer active in P. E. N. was named to the Advisory Board. She has an M.A. in creative writing from Brown and currently serves as a Trustee to the University.

A Text Acquisition Committee (see related story on page 5) was seated and will recommend texts for addition to the WWP textbase. The committee will be headed by Professor Carol Barash, and is charged with recommending texts for acquisition, and making those suggestions in consideration of the basic tenets of WWP collection. A Renaissance subcommittee was created under the direction of Professor Elizabeth Hageman. She, along with Professor Boyd Berry of Virginia Commonwealth University and Dr. Georgianna Ziegler of the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C., make up the group recommending Renaissance texts for inclusion in the textbase.

New staff members and changes in staff roles were announced. Karen Murphy, Project Coordinator, is responsible for all administrative and financial managment in the WWP. She holds an M.A. in Middle Eastern History, Georgetown University and joined the WWP in November 1995. Paul Caton, a former WWP encoder, was appointed Electronic Publications Editor in August 1996; he is ABD from Brown in English literature. His responsibility is for the auxiliary materials being created to facilitate the use of the textbase for teaching and research through the RWO project. John Lavagnino, Textual Analyst and Project Coordinator for RWO, is ABD in English from Brandeis University. He coordinates the scholarly and practical activities related to the electronic delivery of RWO.

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