Text Encoding Fundamentals
University of Victoria, June 6–10, 2011

Julia Flanders, Brown University (Julia_Flanders@Brown.edu), Douglas Knox, Newberry Library (knoxdw@gmail.com), Melanie Chernyk, University of Victoria

Day 1: Monday, June 6

Session 1: 9:30–11:30
Introduction to Text Encoding

Session 2: 1:00–3:50
Encoding Practice

  • Basic TEI markup TEI Source, HTML
  • Hands-on practice: basic encoding of a sample document

Day 2: Tuesday, June 7

Session 3: 9:00–11:30
Document Analysis and Advanced Encoding

  • Document analysis (JF)
  • Advanced encoding topics (JF) TEI Source, HTML
  • Hands-on practice: add linking and annotations to sample documents

Session 4: 1:00–3:30
Metadata and Contextual Information

Day 3: Wednesday, June 8

Session 5: 9:00–11:30
Modelling and CSS

  • Information modeling (DK) TEI Source, HTML
  • Brief introduction to CSS (JF, DK)

Session 6: 1:00–3:30
Case Studies

  • Case studies: looking under the hood of digital humanities projects (MC)

Day 4: Thursday, June 9

Session 7: 9:00–11:30
Inspection of Class Data (JF, DK) TEI Source, HTML

  • Discussion and inspection of class project data

Session 8: 1:00–3:30
Customizing and Using the TEI Guidelines

  • Extending and customizing the TEI (JF) TEI Source, HTML
  • Group hands on: create a class customization

Day 5: Friday, June 10

Session 9: 9:00–11:30
Final Wrap-up

  • How to get involved in the TEI (JF) TEI Source, HTML
  • Final hands-on, polishing of projects