WWP People

WWP Staff

The WWP currently has four permanent staff:

Current Research and Encoding Specialists

  • Param Ajmera
  • Nicole Keller Day
  • Brigid Flynn
  • Kasra Ghorbaninejad
  • Jessica Myers
  • Elizabeth Polcha
  • Lara Rose Roberts
  • William Quinn
  • Josephine Sloman
  • Michael Turner

Current WWP Interns

  • Chelsea Clark

Our text encoding has been done by a team of current and past graduate and undergraduate students. Job openings are posted at the Northeastern University Student Employment web site, but for information please contact us at wwp@neu.edu.

WWP Advisory Board

Executive Committee

  • Elizabeth Dillon, Northeastern University
  • Isobel Grundy, Professor Emerita of English, University of Alberta
  • Elizabeth Hageman, Professor Emerita of English, University of New Hampshire
  • Marina Leslie, Northeastern University
  • Melinda Rabb, Professor of English, Brown University
  • Heather Wolfe, Curator of Manuscripts and Archivist, Folger Shakespeare Library

Research Board

  • Katherine Singer, Mount Holyoke College
  • Jacqueline Wernimont, Arizona State University

WWP Collaborators

Pedagogical Development Consultants

  • Amanda Barnett, Texas Christian University
  • Sandra Burr, Northern Michigan University
  • Susan Civale, Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Jaime Goodrich, Wayne State University
  • Marina Leslie, Northeastern University
  • Paschalina Minou, Independent Scholar
  • Jason Payton, Sam Houston State University
  • Kevin Smith, Northeastern University
  • Amanda Stuckey, York College of Pennsylvania
  • Tanya Zhelezcheva, Queensborough Community College

Research Partners

  • Kristen Bennett, Stonehill University
  • Mary Erica Zimmer, Boston University

WWP Alumni

Former Staff and Affiliates

The following people have contributed to the WWP in a variety of capacities, and we gratefully acknowledge their work!

  • Elaine Brennan: Assistant Director, 1988–1993
  • Ann Caldwell: Consulting Librarian, Brown University, 2004–2013
  • Dominique Coulombe: Consulting Librarian, 1999–2004
  • Carol DeBoer-Langworthy: Project Director, 1994–1998
  • Maria Fish: Project Administrator, 1992–1995
  • Walter Frieberger: Consultant on the WWP’s RWO research, 1997–1999
  • Wendy King: License Manager, 1999–2000
  • John Lavagnino: Textbase Editor, 1994–1997
  • Carole Mah: Programmer/Analyst, 1993–1999
  • John Melson: Textbase Editor and Project Manager, 2008–2013
  • Karen Murphy: Project Administrator, 1995–1998
  • Richard Noble: Consulting Bibliographer, Brown University, 2000–2013
  • Alicia Peaker: Project Manager, 2013–2014
  • Allen Renear: Project Co-director, 1993–1994
  • Elena Rivera: Senior Encoder, 1997–1999
  • Helen Schmierer: Consulting Librarian, 1999–2004
  • Kristen Soule: Student Computing Coordinator
  • Lisa Vaillancourt: License Manager, 2000–2002
  • Paul Caton, Electronic Publications Manager, 1994–2007
  • Jacqueline Wernimont: Project Manager and Textbase Editor, 2007–2008
  • Susanne Woods: Project Director and Co-director, 1988–1994

Former Students

Over the years the WWP has been fortunate to have an extraordinary (and extensive) staff of student encoders and proofreaders, who because of their sheer numbers are listed separately here.

Former Advisors

The WWP gratefully acknowledges the advice and support we have received from former members of our advisory and research boards:

  • Kristin Allukian
  • Elaine Beilin
  • Susan Brown
  • Elizabeth Bryan
  • Victoria Burke
  • Vera Camden
  • Dominique Coulombe
  • Stuart Curran
  • Carol DeBoer-Langworthy
  • Marilyn Deegan
  • James Egan
  • Stephen Foley
  • Neil Fraistat
  • Margaret Hannay
  • Elaine Hobby
  • Joanne Leedom-Ackerman
  • Sarah McNamer
  • Naomi Miller
  • Elan Paulson
  • Allen Renear
  • C. M. Sperberg-McQueen
  • Sara Jayne Steen
  • Samuel Streit
  • Kathryn Sutherland
  • Merrily Taylor
  • Janet Todd
  • Susanne Woods
  • Georgianna Ziegler

The Women Writers Project reports to the Director of the Digital Scholarship Group at Northeastern University.