Postscripts, <ps> [015]


Encoding of postscripts using the WWP element <ps>


Like many projects, the WWP has added a <ps> element to its DTD to encode postscripts, since TEI does not provide any element for this purpose. <ps> is a child of <div>, and is one of the elements that must go at the end of the <div>, along with <closer> and <trailer>. It may appear more than once, if the document has more than one postscript. The content model for <ps> is exactly the same as the WWP’s content model for <note>, which means that it must contain one or more <p> elements nested directly within it; it can also contain things like headings, openers, closers, and other structural elements found within postscripts. This decision was made before the release of P4; in the future we may move to use the P4/P5 element <ab>.

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