Transcription of primary sources [052]


Use of elements from the TEI tagset on transcription of primary sources


The WWP’s transcription methods place a great deal of emphasis on capturing the details of the original text accurately, without silent emendation, correction, or regularization. We therefore use the TEI additional tagset for the transcription of primary sources in full, as well as using the other elements TEI provides for handling features such as typographical errors, original typography, abbreviations, and similar details. Although we do not currently encode manuscript works, many of our sources do contain manuscript annotations which require the elements from this chapter, and in addition, we encode details of printed texts (such as unclear text) using these elements. Specifically, we use <orig>, <abbr>, <sic>, <add>, <addSpan>, <del>, <delSpan>, <hi>, <gap>, <damage>, <unclear>, <supplied>, <hand>, <handList>.

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