Punctuation and font [059]


Treatment of the font of punctuation, particularly in cases where the font is not accurately captured by the element context


This entry addresses whether we should record the font of punctuation marks by highlighting them, where their font will not be accurately recorded simply by their placement inside or outside an element.

A discussion of how to treat the font of punctuation emerged out of a discussion about quotation marks and other punctuation (see 058). In this discussion we agreed to ignore the font of punctuation for the time being. We will not highlight any individual punctuation marks whose position inside or outside an element will give them a font different from what is indicated in the OT. We will continue to try to gather information about other projects’ practice and editorial practice generally, and we will not put any work into it at present.

Another option would be to mention the text’s general practice in the TEI header, and then to regularize in the encoding.

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