Lists: subscriber lists [084]


Encoding subscriber lists using <list type="subscriber">, including handling of “ditto” used for repeated items


The WWP encodes subscriber lists using <list type="subscriber">.

Lists which are broken down by letter (A, B, C, etc.) are encoded as a list of lists, with the letters acting as headings for the individual lists, placed as the first child of the embedded list.

<list type="subscriber">


     <item>Mr. Adams</item>

     <item>Mrs. Applegate</item></list></item>


     <item>Mr. Baker</item></list></item>


Where “ditto” (or quotation marks) is used in place of a repeated name or place name, we will encode the repetition using <persName> or <placeName>, with a sameAs= attribute pointing to the id= of the first instance of the material being repeated. See example 1.

Each “dittoed” reference gets its own ID, regardless of whether that particular place or person has already appeared and received an ID (since logically the “ditto” refers to the instance immediately preceding). See example 2.

The phrase “2 copies” (for instance) will be encoded with <measure>.


Example 1.
<item><persName id="smith01">John Smith</persName>, <placeName>Kent</placeName></item>
<item><persName sameas="smith01">ditto</persName>, <placeName>York</placeName></item>
<item><persName sameas="smith01">ditto</persName>, <placeName>Hampshire</placeName></item>

Example 2.
Mrs. Applegate, <placeName id="Wap1">Wapping</placeName>
Mr. Aspen, <placeName sameas="Wap1">ditto</placeName>
Miss Asquith, <placeName>London</placeName>
Miss Mary Asquith, <placeName id="Wap2">Wapping</placeName>
Miss Rachel Asquith, <placeName sameas="Wap2">ditto</placeName>

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