Names of non-humans and things [091]


Discussion of the encoding of the names of non-human creatures, things, and events using <name>


The WWP will tag proper nouns referring to non-human creatures and things using <name>, regardless of their rendition. This includes non-human sentient beings, animals, mythical creatures, objects, events, conceptual or abstract things, and structures.

For the WWP’s purposes, a creature is human if a significant portion of its anatomy is human. Structures are distinguished from place names by the fact of being built rather than being part of the earth. Objects are distinguished from place names by the fact that they can be moved or are separate from the earth. Conceptual/abstract things include languages, schools of thought, cultural movements, philosophical movements.

In some cases, the name of an event may be contain the name of the place where it occurred, or the two may even be identical: for instance, the Battle of Waterloo, Waterloo. In cases of ambiguity, we will always assume that the reference is to the place (and encode it with <placeName>), unless it is absolutely clear that the reference is to the event. Place names which occur within event names should be tagged with <placeName>. Thus “He died at <placeName>Waterloo</placename>” but "He fought atthe <name>Battle of <placeName>Waterloo</placeName></name>"

Examples of various categories which are encoded with <name>:

Animals and mythical creatures: Secretariat, Dumbo, Flipper, Pegasus, Scylla, Charybdis

Events and Dates: Election Day, Epiphany, Christmas, the Glorious Revolution, January, Wednesday

Objects: Excalibur, the Titanic, the Blarney Stone, the Shroud of Turin, the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant

Conceptual/abstract things: French (the language), Cartesianism

Structures: Stonehenge, the Rockefeller Library, the Great Pyramid, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Parthenon

Categories of things which are not encoded with <name>:

Common names of plants, animals, stones, elements, etc.: jasmine, tourmaline, cheetah, helium

Philosophical concepts (even if capitalized): the Oversoul, Superman (in the Nietzschean sense), the Ego

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