Abbreviations and <orig> [095]


Use of the <abbr> element in connection with old-style typography


For abbreviations in texts with old-style typography (long s; interchange of v/u , j/i, vv/w), the value of the expan= attribute will be modernized. Note that this applies only to the kinds of modernization which the WWP regularly performs. Only typography will be altered; the spelling will remain as is. Examples:

<abbr expan="Assistant">A&s;&s;’t</abbr>

<abbr lang="lat" expan="convocatio">conuoc.</abbr>

In the latter case, the <orig> element is not used because the word is in Latin.

The rationale for this decision is that the expanded version is provided to improve searching and as a gloss for the novice reader and hence will most likely be used along with modernized typography in any case; since the expansion is in effect a modern addition to the text there is no point to preserving or supplying old-style typography.

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