Notes: resp= and type= [099]


Use of the resp= and type= attributes on <note> to capture the authorship of the note


The WWP uses the resp= attribute on <note> to indicate the authorship of the note, using a name key as the value. If the note is authorial, there is no need to fill in a value.

The WWP uses the type= attribute on <note> to indicate what variety of note it is, using the following values:

authorial: use this for authorial notes printed in the text (this is the default; there is no need to enter this value)

editorial: for editorial notes printed in the text

WWP: for notes by members of the WWP (includes staff, encoders, scholars, etc.)

temp: for temporary notes by WWP members (questions about how to encode something, temporary explanations, etc., all of which will be removed before the text is published)

pending: for printed notes which are neither authorial nor editorial, and for which we need a new category. This is a holding tank from which notes will be moved as soon as an appropriate category exists for them. No “pending” notes will be in the textbase when it is published.

Thus for authorial notes, which constitute the majority, no resp= or type= values need to be specified, since both are provided by default.

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