White space [110]


Treatment of vertical and horizontal white space


Vertical white space (e.g. between paragraphs or sections) is not ordinarily recorded at all at the WWP; that is, we do not record the actual vertical distance between pieces of text.

Horizontal white space (for instance, indentation and alignment) should be recorded, wherever possible, using a renditional default. If the space is anomalous it can be recorded on the renditional attribute of the specific element in question. Thus for instance if all paragraphs in a text are indented, that fact should be recorded as part of the default rendition for the <p> element. If one paragraph differs from all the others in having no indentation, that fact should be recorded using the renditional attribute for that paragraph element.


[[However, we record the existence of anomalous, meaningful vertical white space. “Anomalous” here means that the spacing before, after, or within a particular element is significantly greater or less than is normal for that element in that text. “Meaningful” here means that the white space affects how the reader interprets the textual structure or content.]]

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