<hyperDiv> [112]


Use of the WWP <hyperDiv> element as a container for notes and other hypertextual components of the text, such as acrostics and supplemental cast lists


The WWP has created a new element called <hyperDiv>. This element has three functions:

1. The <hyperdiv> contains all <note> elements, with the exception of endnotes. Each note points to (and is pointed to by) an anchor in the body of the text. That is, the anchor has a corresp= value, and the note has a value on target= which matches that value.

2. The <hyperDiv> contains invented <castList>s for plays which have none or which need additional <castItem>s.

3. The <hyperDiv> also contains any out-of-line markup that is necessary to join fragmented elements (e.g. <linkGrp>). One particular example of this is the encoding of acrostics, in which the first letter of each line of a poem (for instance) makes up a word or name. The resulting word or name is encoded within an <acrostics> element inside the <hyperDiv>. The <acrostic> element is a WWP invention; see 209 for details.

<hyperDiv> is allowed within the <text> element, before <front>.

In elements within the <hyperDiv> which contain WWP-generated information (such as <castlist>s, <linkGrp>s, etc.) no phrase-level markup should be encoded. The content of <note> elements, however, should be encoded in the same way as the content of the main body of the text.

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