Unique identification of the <text> element [150]


Details on using the id= attribute on <text>, both for independent documents and for embedded texts


The WWP requires the use of the id= attribute on the <text> element. For the outermost <text> elements of the file (i.e. those which correspond to actual transcribed documents) the value of this id= should be the transcription ID number of the file (e.g. TR00326.06). For <text> elements which are embedded inside another <text> (for instance, a single letter embedded within a <div> element), we use an id= value composed of the transcription ID number plus a hyphenated numerical suffix. Note that (as in the example just given) some transcription IDs already have numerical suffixes (indicating that they are parts of larger works: for instance, an individual novel within a collection). These higher-level suffixes are attached using a period; the suffixes for embedded texts are attached using a hyphen. Suffixes for embedded texts should start with “-01” and should proceed in the order in which they appear in the file, as in the example.

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