Simultaneous action in drama [158]


Handling of simultaneous action in drama, in particular the encoding of cases where simultaneous action is marked with a printed brace


In situations where a dramatic text indicates typographically that a given stage direction applies to more than one speech or speaker (for instance, with a large brace grouping several speeches together), the WWP uses the method recommended in TEI, whereby each speech is given an id= value, and the <stage> element is given a corresp= attribute whose value is the set of id= values for the speeches to which that stage direction refers. This encoding is demonstrated in section 10.2.6 of TEI P4; see example 1 for details.

However, we do not make any attempt to capture simultaneous action more generally, e.g. for cases where it’s clear conceptually that the action is simultaneous but the typography is ordinary:

 Mr. and Mrs. Higgins (_together_):

  Oh, we couldn’t possibly!


 Euthanasia (sadly):

  You’re just no good at games, Percy.

 Diffenbachia (speaking over her):

  He’s an _awful_ cricketer!

would not be marked up using the encoding described in this section.

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