ID values of texts and sub-texts [175]


Guidelines for encoding id= values on <text>


1. The WWP often divides longer texts, or texts which fall naturally into two or more separate parts, into separate OTs which are encoded as separate files, or as separate <text> elements within a <group> element in a single TEI file. In either case, each of these separate <text> elements should have an ID= values consisting of the main TR number for the document, plus a two-digit suffix, separated by a period, as in the example below:


<teiHeader id="TR00501.hdr"> [header goes here]</teiHeader>

<text id="TR00501">

<front> [frontmatter for the whole volume goes here]</front>


                <text id="TR00501.01">[individual text goes here]</text>

                <text id="TR00501.02">[second individual text goes here]</text>


<back>[backmatter for the whole volume goes here]</back>


2. In addition to the <text> elements described above, there may also be embedded <text> elements which are used to encode <div>-level elements (such as letters) which appear in places where <div> is not permitted, or to encode textual content within <figure>. These embedded <text> elements should have as their id= value the main TR number plus a two-digit suffix, separated by a hyphen, as in the example below:


<text id="TR00497"><body><div><p>text here...</p>

        <p><text id="TR00497-01"><body><div><opener> My dear...</opener><p>text of the embedded letter here</p><closer>Yours sincerely...</closer></div></body></text></p>


Note that this suffix is added in addition to the suffix (if any) indicating that the text is part of a larger OT. Thus for instance the first embedded letter inside a novel which was itself the second novel in a volume containing several other novels would have an id= value in three parts:

TR00525[for the main volume].02[for the novel itself]-01[for the letter]:


These suffixes should be numbered consecutively through the text, so if you have five embedded letters in a novel you’re encoding (whose TR number is TR00408), the ID= values of the embedded <text> elements should be:






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