Names: difficult cases [178]


Discussion of some difficult cases in the encoding of names, including lists of boundary cases


Given the complexity of the WWP’s system for encoding names, and given the range of names and name-like terms in our textbase, there will always be borderline cases which need to be decided individually. The following is a list of difficult cases and their proper encoding.

God, Lord, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit: these are not personal names. Encode with <mcr>, only if renditionally distinct.

Jesus Christ (but not “Christ” alone), Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub: these are names and should be encoded with <persName>

Elysium, Tartarus, Hades, Valhalla: encode with <placeName>

Israel: this is a particularly tricky case, since although in the Bible it usually refers to a collectivity of people, it also may be used in ways which are closer to a placename. Different translations of the Bible may give different emphasis, so it may be difficult to determine for certain which usage is really meant. Encoders should be aware that the <name> usage is the more likely; a phrase like “land of Israel” will usually mean something like “land of the people called Israel”. However, they should be alert for the possibility of <placeName>. Finally, “Israel” may refer specifically to Jacob, in which case it should be encoded with <persName>.

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