Special characters: miscellaneous [190]


Details of various kinds of special characters not covered elsewhere


WWP texts contain a number of miscellaneous special characters or characters used in strange contexts, which do not fall into any other category. These are listed here:

1. Left single quotation mark used (apparently) as a superscripted c, in Scottish names: e.g. M’Donald. We encode this with the entity ‘

2. Pointing fingers or “manicula” (“little hands”): these are small icons depicting a small hand with a pointing finger, used to mark a passage of particular importance in the text. For the WWP the only important distinction is which direction the finger is pointing (right, left, up, down), and not details of how many fingers are extended, whether a finger pointing up belonged to a right- or a left-hand, etc. Thus we use the following entities:

&rfing; (finger pointing to the right)

&lfing; (finger pointing to the left)

&ufing; (finger pointing upward)

&dfing; (finger pointing downward)

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