Notes: revised content model [198]


Description of the WWP’s revised content model for notes


The WWP has written a new content model for <note>, which we hope will fit the actual notes we find in the WWP corpus better than the TEI model. The WWP’s notes often have much more complex internal structure than is allowed in the TEI DTD, and resemble textual divisions more than they resemble paragraphs. Our revised content model is similar to the content model of <div>.

In the new content model, notes may contain zero or more members of “notetop” (see lists below), followed by one or more members of “notecomp”, followed by zero or more members of “notebot”--or it can just consist of one or more <respline> elements.

notetop: <label>, <ref>, <head>, <opener>

notecomp (i.e. “note components”): <anchor>, <bibl>, <biblfull>, <biblstruct>, <castlist>, <cit>, <l>, <lg>, <list>, <listbibl>, <note>, <p>, <q>, <quote>, <seg>, <sp>, <stage>

notebot: <respline>, <closer>, <trailer>

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