Embedding <text> [229]


Using <text> for encoding embedded narratives, letters, and other documents


Although <text> is ordinarily used as a child of <TEI.2>, paired with a <teiHeader> element, there are some situations where the <text> element must be nested inside other elements to encode embedded texts. For the WWP, these situations are rare and are caused by the appearance of a textual structure which cannot be encoded in any other way. Such textual structures are typically cases where a document is embedded or quoted within the flow of a prose narrative. If that embedded document contains any internal structure (for instance, a letter which has an opener and a closer), it must be encoded with <div>, but <div> cannot appear within or between paragraphs: it must be a sibling of other <div> elements. To get around this problem, we nest the <div> inside a <text> element. (See the example below.) Situations which require this solution most often include:

--letters which are quoted or included as part of a prose narrative.

--nested narratives which have an internal heading structure

--other documents, such as trial transcripts, petitions, or other internally structured texts

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