Endnotes [237]


Encoding of endnotes using <note>, within a separate <div type="endnotes">


Endnotes are encoded with the <note> element. They are encoded within the flow of the text, wherever they appear, in a separate <div type="endnotes"> This <div> will usually be encoded within <back>, but it may be encoded within <body> if the notes appear at the end of a section located in the middle of the <body>. Endnotes are encoded where they appear to avoid the unnecessary complexity of linking the anchor to the page where the note appears, and then linking that page to the <hyperdiv>. Like ordinary notes, endnotes include bidirectional linking between the note and its anchor point in the text. The rend= attribute for endnotes should include “place(inline)”. As with inline notes, this indicates that the note appears within the running text flow rather than being hypertextually linked into it.

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