Notes in the TEI header [239]


Encoding of textual notes in the <notesStmt> of the TEI header


The WWP uses the <notesStmt> in the TEI header as a place to record permanent notes on the text, describing anomalous or distinctive features such as misbinding, missing text, transcription challenges, and the like. We also use the <notesStmt> to record temporary notes on features that require special attention, or problems which require further thought.

Notes in the <notesStmt> do not carry a rend= attribute. The value of anchored= should be “no”. The value of resp= should be the key of the encoder creating the note. Notes in the <notesStmt> should also have a type= attribute with a value of “WWP” (for permanent notes commenting on some aspect of the text that requires documentation) or “temp” (for temporary notes which will be deleted as soon as they have been attended to). Where applicable, these notes may point to the element or location in the text which they refer to.

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