TEI Header [240]


General notes on the TEI header and its use at the WWP


The WWP captures metadata about its encoded files using the TEI header. We use the following components of the TEI header:

1. The <fileDesc>, and in particular the <sourceDesc> with detailed documentation of the source text from which the WWP file was transcribed.

2. The <profileDesc>, to capture the languages which appear in the text and also the owners of any handwriting the text contains.

3. The <encodingDesc>, with boilerplate descriptions of the WWP (in <projectDesc>), its sampling methods (in <samplingDecl>), its editorial methods and transcriptional practices (in <editorialDecl>), and renditional defaults (in <tagsDecl>).

4. The <revisionDesc>, to capture a detailed log of the file’s progress.

The encoding of the TEI header is constrained by a template which is used as the basis for all new WWP files, and which includes internal documentation describing how it is to be filled out. Brief additional documentation is given here on a few special topics:

--use of IDs in the TEI header (see 163, 173, 175)

--use of key= in the TEI header (see 201)

--treatment of document titles in the TEI header (see 054)

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