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Encoding forme work

On catchwords

Note: about the picture!

The Sample Pages image you saw on the introductory page of this tutorial is not a true copy of the actual pages in the actual text; there is no press figure on that particular page of the actual text. Insofar as press figures (and catchwords) are concerned, the picture is a fabrication for the purpose of instruction.

What is a "catchword" and where is it found?

The catchword is a word printed on the bottom line of a page, usually the verso, which corresponds to the first word of the following page. The catchword is intended to aid the printer in collating the printed sheets before they are bound.

Renditional issues in catchwords

The WWP records any renditional distinction in catchwords using the rend= attribute on <mw>. If only part of the catchword is renditionally distinct, we will use <hi> as necessary to indicate the renditional shifts within the catchword. We do not do any content-based encoding within catchwords (e.g. we do not use <persName>, etc. within catchwords).

Errors in catchwords

The WWP encodes any discrepancies between the catchword and its corresponding word at the top of the next page, using <sic>, without a corr= attribute. If the catchword reprints only part of the corresponding word, we do not use <sic>, but rather ignore the difference. We also would not encode with <sic> any differences in capitalization or rendition between the catchword and the corresponding word.

Hyphens in catchwords

The WWP encodes any hyphens within catchwords as ordinary hyphens (using the character "-"). We do not encode them as soft hyphens, since they are not intended to disappear if line breaks are removed.

An example

From Poems on Several Occasions by Elizabeth Carter (pictured here):

   <mw type="pressFig" rend="align(left)">7</mw>
   <mw type="catch" rend="align(right)break(no)">Make</mw>
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