Exercise 2

This next exercise gives an opportunity to work with a wider variety of elements. In your training XML file, create a new <div> element to contain the new sample text. Work from prose sample 1.

This prose sample will require some additional elements on top of what you've already learned:

  • <quote>: for quoted material that comes from a source outside the text.
  • <bibl>: for any kind of bibliographic citation that gives information about a published work.
  • <author>: an author's name in a bibliographic context
  • <title>: the title of a published work (used anywhere it appears)
  • <cit>: for a quotation that is accompanied by a bibliographic citation (e.g. an author and/or title). The <cit> contains a <quote> and a <bibl>.
  • <mw>: metawork, i.e. the apparatus of the printed page that stands apart from the flow of the text. The metawork includes page numbers, catchwords, signatures. The @type attribute on <mw> indicates what kind of feature is being described.