Lists: subscriber lists

subscriber list
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Encoding subscriber lists using list type="subscriber", including handling of ditto used for repeated items

Subscriber lists are a fairly frequent feature of books printed in the 18th and early 19th centuries in England and America, and serve to identify the people who paid for one or more copies of the book in advance of its printing. As a result, they contain names and other information that may be quite useful (in the aggregate) for identifying regular patrons of certain authors or types of literature, or the locale in which an author was particularly well-known.

The encoding of subscriber lists is fairly simple. We recommend encoding them as list type="subscriber" (to make it easier to identify the contents for analysis). A long list may be subdivided alphabetically, in which case it should be encoded as a list of lists: that is, a list whose items are the individual lists of names under each letter (A, B, C, etc.). The headings for each sub-list can be encoded as head. See Example 1.

The contents of the subscriber list typically include the name of the subscriber (to be encoded with persName), their place of residence (to be encoded with placeName), and the number of copies purchased (to be encoded with measure).

In some cases, names or other information may be repeated from entry to entry, and that repetition may be indicated using the word ditto or some similar notation. This repetation may be encoded using the sameAs attribute as described under Repetition. See Example 2.


Example 1.

<list type="subscriber">
     <item>Mr. Adams</item>
     <item>Mrs. Applegate</item>
     <item>Mr. Baker</item>

Example 2.

<item><persName id="smith01">John Smith</persName>, <placeName>Kent</placeName></item>
<item><persName sameas="smith01">ditto</persName>, <placeName>York</placeName></item>
<item><persName sameas="smith01">ditto</persName>, <placeName>Hampshire</placeName></item>

Example 3. (item omitted for clarity)

Mrs. Applegate, <placeName id="Wap1">Wapping</placeName>
Mr. Aspen, <placeName sameas="Wap1">ditto</placeName>
Miss Asquith, <placeName>London</placeName>
Miss Mary Asquith, <placeName id="Wap2">Wapping</placeName>
Miss Rachel Asquith, <placeName sameas="Wap2">ditto</placeName>