Frequently Asked Questions

About subscribing to WWO

Can I get a trial for WWO? Yes, we offer free trial subscriptions for individuals and institutions. For more information, see our license page.

When does the license year start and end? All WWO licenses end on June 30 (corresponding to the Northeastern University fiscal year). New subscribers can start a subscription at any time; all subscriptions renew on July 1.

When should I expect to get my renewal form? We send out renewal information in late March and early April. If you haven't received your renewal form by the middle of April, please contact us at

Can I renew by email? Yes—in fact, we prefer it! If you are currently receiving renewal information via postal mail, just indicate that you'd prefer email on your next renewal form, or send us email at

How do I update the address (FTE, other information) for my subscription? You can update any of your subscriber information at renewal time, or if you have changes to make during the course of the year, just email us at

About WWP resources and publications

What materials are freely available from the WWP? The WWO textbase (the collection of primary source materials) is the only WWP resource that is restricted to subscribers. All other materials, including exhibits and contextual essays, syllabi, teaching materials, documentation, and exploratory tools are freely available to the public.

How is the WWO textbase prepared and edited? For detailed information on the transcription and editing of WWO texts, please see our statement of editorial practice.

How do I cite Women Writers Online? Detailed instructions for citing WWO, based on the MLA's recommendations for citing electronic resources, are available here.

What should I do if I find an error in a WWP text? Although WWP texts are carefully proofread before publication, sometimes errors get through. We're always glad of help with finding and fixing problems. To report an error, please email us at, and please include the following information:

  • The URL for the specific page where the error appears
  • The nature of the error and its approximate location on the page
  • If you're correcting a transcription error in a WWO text, the source for your correction

Please note that WWO texts are transcriptions of specific editions, and we retain all information from the source including any original typographical errors. In some views of WWO data, these original errors may be displayed as in the source, while in other views we may display a corrected reading. Before reporting an error in a WWO transcription, please make sure it's not an artifact of the source material.