Women in the Archives 2009

On March 5-7, 2009 the WWP hosted Women in the Archives, a two-day conference on the role of archival materials in shaping the study of early modern women's writing. The conference was co-sponsored by the WWP and the Sarah Doyle Women's Center, with generous financial support from the Brown University President's Office, the Brown University Library, the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women, the English Department's Zucker Fund, and the Brown University Graduate School. The conference schedule is available for historical reference. A summary of the event is provided here with links to abstracts or, where available, full papers. An exhibit on "women in the archives" including a fuller summary of the conference will be published at the WWP web site in summer 2009.

This conference was the second event in what is now an ongoing series.

All materials presented below are drafts and should not be quoted without first consulting the author.

Keynote lecture

: "Paraplex:  Or, the Functions of Angels in the Archives"

Panel discussion 1: Materialities of the Archive

Jacqueline Wernimont (moderator), Sheila Cavanagh, Earle Havens, Sandra Petrulionis, Elizabeth Vincelette

Keynote lecture: "Silent Bodies: Archives, Race, Women and the Cultural Historian"

Paper session 1

and : "A Grand Tour in 1862: Digitizing Documents and Parsing an Itinerary"

, and : "'I defy tomorrow': Mary Moody Emerson, Women’s Writing, and Revolutions in the Archive"

Paper session 2

: "Three Texts By or About Women from English Catholic Recusant Families:  Anne (Dacre) Howard, Countess of Arundel (1557-1630); Dorothy Arundell (1559/60-1613); and Ann Bellamy (fl. ca. 1580-1595)."

: "Histories of Manuscripts: Jane Barker's Poems in the Archive"

: "Smugglers, Patronesses and Scribes: Archival Remnants of Disorder and Activism among Elizabethan Catholic Women"

Panel discussion 2: Editing the Archive

Margaret Ezell (moderator), Noelle Baker, Kate Eichhorn, Elizabeth Hageman, Elizabeth Patton, Juliette Paul

Paper session 3

: Independent Women:  Recovery, Genre, and Identity in the Archive"

: "Reading the Recipe Box: Archives, Memory and Embodied Knowledge"

: "Re-Zoning the Historical Memory: Susan Howe's Poetics of Marginalization and Marginalia"

Paper session 4

: "Building a Collaborative Archive: 14 Years of the Emory Women Writers Resource Project"

and : "Close, Near, and Distant Reading"

: "Mary Hays: Archives and Contexts"

Panel discussion 3: Pedagogy in the Archive

Gail Cohee (moderator), Elizabeth Hageman, Kathryn Tomasek, Gina Luria Walker