Women in the Archives 2010: England/New England

On April 24, 2010 the WWP hosted Women in the Archives, a one-day conference focusing on periodization and regional identity in women's writing during the extended colonial period. The event was co-sponsored by the Women Writers Project and the Sarah Doyle Women's Center. This conference is part of the WWP's ongoing conference series.

Keynote lecture

: "New England and its Others: Women, Assemblage, and the Archive"

Paper session 1: The Hemispheric Archive

. "Women at Sea: Journals of Whaling Captains’ Wives"

, Chapel Hill. "‘Lustie corne’ and ‘mucha dote’: Gendered Readings of Nature in New England and New Spain"

. "Staging A Revolution: British and American Women in Theatre in the Late 18th Century"

Paper session 2: Case Studies on Method

. "Mistresses of Spice: Food, 'Physick,' and the East India Trade in Early Modern English Women’s Manuscripts and Books"

. "Coneys, Coiners, and Femmes Couvert: the Female Criminal Subject under Cover in Early Modern England"

. "Archival investigation: The Poore Man’s Talentt"

. "Leaping through Space and Time: Lucy Hutchinson’s Revolutionary Reinscription of the History of Ancient Israel in Her Scriptural Commonplace Book"

. "The Victorians Strike Again: What Once There Was, Now Is Gone."

Paper session 3: Narratives of the Archive

. "Sarah Wentworth Morton's Ouâbi and the Politics of Ethnography"

. "New Directions in Reading Women’s Intellectual Spaces"

. "Tracing Muriel Rukeyser’s Archive and the Colonial Poetic Past"

Panel discussion: Spatial Thinking and the Construction of Archival Space

Support for Women in the Archives has been generously provided by the Brown University President's Office, the Brown University Library, the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women, the English Department's Zucker Fund, and the John Carter Brown Library.

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