TEI Customization Workshop
April 7–8, 2017

Syd Bauman, Northeastern University
Sarah Connell, Northeastern University


Northeastern University, Snell Library, room 422


Friday, April 7

Session  1, 9:30–10:30: Overview of customization and the TEI Guidelines (Sarah; slides: HTML, TEI); Roma demo and group customization

Session  2, 10:45–12:00: Basic vocabulary for customization (Syd; sample, slides 1–12: HTML, TEI)

→ Lunch on your own

Session  3, 1:15–3:00: Hands-on practice

Session  4, 3:15–4:00: Questions and discussion

Saturday, April 8

Session  4, 10:00–11:30: Intermediate vocabulary for customization and hands-on work (Syd; sample, slides 13–21: HTML, TEI)

Session  5, 11:45–12:30: Hands-on practice

→ Lunch on your own

Session  5, 1:45–3:15: Q&A; [We skipped this talk in favor of hands-on, as we were behind schedule: documentation and good practice (Syd; slides: HTML, TEI)

Session  6, 3:30–4:30: Customization and project work flow (Sarah; slides: HTML, TEI)]


The ODD we created to constraint @type of <div> and to add <lr:punishment> is here. A copy of the current ODD the Women Writers Project uses for its textbase is here.

Replacement ODD-writing customization (“odd4odds”; will probably be named “tei_customization” in the future):

ODD processing:

Additional slide sets:

Materials for Download

Demonstration ODDs for this workshop

The resource page has links to all the slide sets (whether used in this workshop or not), interesting web sites we may have shown, and useful TEI links. You can also look at the materials for the 2015 and 2012 versions of this workshop.

We will put the files we developed during class in a web-accessible directory here.

The WWP Guide to Scholarly Text Encoding.