Word Vectors for the Thoughtful Humanist

Northeastern University
17–19 July 2019

Sarah Connell, Julia Flanders, Laura Johnson, Syd Bauman, Ashley Clark
Digital Scholarship Group, Northeastern University Libraries


Wednesday, July 17

Session  1, 9:00–10:30: Introduction and scoping (slides: HTML, TEI)

Session  2, 10:45–12:00: Project showcase and discussion (slides: HTML, TEI, notes)

→ Lunch on your own

Session  3, 1:30–3:00: Core concepts and terms (slides: HTML, TEI, notes)

Session  4, 3:15–5:00: Walk-through of WWP Vector Toolkit Seminar Sandbox, individual hands-on practice, and discussion (slide: HTML)

Thursday, July 18

Session  5, 9:00–10:30: The model-training process (slides: HTML, TEI, notes)

Session  6, 10:45–12:00: Hands-on experimentation and discussion (slide: HTML)

→ Lunch on your own

Session  7, 1:30–2:45: Developing research questions (small group work) (slide: HTML)

Session  8, 3:00–5:00: Discussion, questions and answers (slide: HTML)

Friday, July 19

Session  9, 9:00–10:15: Project development (individual hands-on) (slide: HTML)

Session  10, 10:30–12:00: Project showcase and feedback/discussion

→ Lunch on your own

Session  11, 1:30–3:45: Project showcase and feedback/discussion

Session  12, 4:00–4:30: Wrap-up, final questions, and next steps (slides: HTML, TEI, notes)


Readings, checklists, notes, and other materials from our event

Seminar Sandbox

Women Writers Vector Toolkit

Model training walkthroughs

Materials for Download

The resource page has links to the WWP’s slide sets (whether used in this seminar or not), interesting web sites we may have shown, and useful links