Project Showcase and Discussion

Julia Flanders and Sarah Connell


  1. Showcase of Student Projects with Word Embedding Models
  2. Textual Corpora and Computational Text Analysis Project
  3. Student Project: Gender Representation in Popular Culture
  4. Gender Representation in Popular Culture: Queries and findings
  5. Student Project: Public Perception of COVID-19 Vaccines
  6. Public Perception of COVID-19 Vaccines: Queries and findings
  7. Public Perception of COVID-19 Vaccines: Ideological differences and terminology
  8. Showcase of Research Projects with Word Embedding Models
  9. Showcase: Accrediting early modern histories
  10. Methods and preliminary results
  11. Corpus analysis
  12. Further exploration
  13. Scoping analysis
  14. Showcase: Archival descriptions of LGBT Collections
  15. Corpus building
  16. Corpus analysis
  17. Results: Clusters
  18. Results: Queries
  19. Future questions and exploration
  20. Analogies in vector space
  21. Analyzing results and testing queries
  22. Try some queries of your own
  23. Discussion
Project Showcase and Discussion