Research and Publication at the WWP

The WWP’s work brings together several related strands: developing a digital publication, supporting research on women’s writing, and exploring the possibilities of scholarly text encoding. Below you can read more about our current projects and also find the documentation of methods and completed work.


A full listing of the WWP’s published work. We include here reports on completed grants, publications and presentations, and our internal encoding documentation.Read more

Guide to Scholarly Text Encoding

Interested in TEI but hesitant to tackle the Guidelines? The Guide is a resource for humanists that includes basic information to get you started and in-depth but approachable discussion of encoding issues and technical topics. Read more

WWP Exhibits

Exhibits are a new and protean form of scholarly writing that engages directly with the WWO collection. WWP exhibits offer readers a variety of entry points into the WWO collection, through an exploration of specific topics, groups of texts, unfamiliar authors, or framing questions. Read more Go to exhibits

Early Modern Women’s Manuscripts

The WWP is exploring ways of including collaboratively edited manuscript materials in the WWO collection. We are now planning to incorporate manuscript-specific reading features into the next updates of Women Writers Online (currently projected for 2011). We will then seek partners for an initial set of manuscripts to be included in Women Writers Online. Read more


An experimental space, open to the public, for testing and exploring new visualization tools. This space is used to test out new interface ideas, to give users a chance to work with beta versions and provide feedback, and to present tools and interface features that are too specialized or unusual to be incorporated directly into WWO. Explore

Syllabi on Women’s Writing

A searchable collection of syllabi, contributed by faculty who have used our texts in their teaching. These syllabi demonstrate a fascinating range of teaching approaches, assignments, and juxtapositions between texts. Explore or contribute