Women Writers Project Guide to Scholarly Text Encoding

The Women Writers Project’s Guide to Scholarly Text Encoding provides documentation and guidance on using the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines for encoding early printed books. It is intended both as an accompaniment to the TEI and an introduction to text encoding for non-technical readers. It is based on the WWP’s text encoding research spanning two decades. Although its focus is on early printed books, it also offers more general advice on using text encoding in scholarly projects.

The Guide is divided into four sections. The first is a discussion of more general issues such as overall encoding concepts and strategies, issues of project management and design, and background information. The second section covers general text encoding principles and concepts, independent of the encoding language used. The third is a searchable reference guide documenting the use of TEI for scholarly projects, which includes detailed entries on specific encoding topics. The final section provides templates, sample encoding, and other supporting materials for use and adaptation.

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Published by the Brown University Women Writers Project. Copyright 2007 Brown University.