Information for Librarians and Technical Staff

Renewing your subscription

The WWP license year runs from July 1 through June 30. We send out renewal notices in early April each year, which include a simple renewal form (which you may return by fax, mail, or email) and an invoice. If you wish to renew for more than one year, simply contact us to request an updated invoice. By default we send renewals via email; if you would like to receive your invoice by post, just send email to letting us know where to send it.

WWO subscriber announcements

We maintain an email list for announcements and information about updates, renewals, etc. Institutional contacts are added to this list when they subscribe; if you are not on the list and would like to subscribe, please contact us at

Getting usage statistics

You can find usage statistics for your institution at Please contact us to request the credentials for the usage statistics system.

Updating your account information

All updates to IP address ranges or contact information should be sent promptly to

Arranging for off-campus access

We encourage institutions to offer off-campus access for their users, via a proxy server or other method, and there is no additional charge for this usage. If you do not run a proxy server and need to provide off-campus access for any reason, please contact us and we can arrange to supply a password.

The following stanza will enable most institutions to successfully configure proxy access for WWO:

T Women Writers Online (WWO)
HTTPHeader -request -process Accept-Encoding
# Find
# Replace^p

One of our services, the Word Vector Interface ( uses WebSockets, a technology which is not supported by EZProxy. However, the Interface does create keyword searches back to Women Writers Online, and it’s helpful to hand users back to a proxied connection.

To proxy links from the Word Vector Interface to WWO, we recommend keeping links to the Interface as is, without proxying. This will keep the interface usable. Instead, use Find/Replace in your institution’s EZProxy stanza. Wherever you find a link to the Interface, rewrite the link to add a parameter called “proxy”. If the value of the parameter starts with “http://” or “https://”, all links to WWO will be prefixed by the string you provide. You can find an example commented out in the recommended EZProxy stanza above.

MARC records for WWO texts

The WWP offers freely downloadable MARC records for all of the texts in Women Writers Online. These records are available in both MARC and MARCXML here.

Title-level URLs

Because the texts in the WWP collection are managed through XML database software, the URLs for the individual texts are long and complex, and may change as the collection grows. We provide durable, human-readable title-level URLs which can be used in OPACs and other collection management systems to point to individual texts within the collection. You may freely download the list of URLs and use them in your local system.

Licensing Options

See here for the standard WWP contract. The WWP also offers licensing through the Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU); pricing is unaffected by license type. See here for Frequently Asked Questions about subscribing to WWO through SERU.

Other Questions

If you have other questions, see our list of Frequently Asked Questions, or email