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1526:  Roper, Margaret (More), trans. (from Desiderius Erasmus) — A Devout Treatise Upon the Pater Noster

1531:  Roper, Margaret (More), trans. (from Desiderius Erasmus) — A Devout Treatise Upon the Pater Noster

1545:  Parr, Katharine — Prayers Stirring the Mind unto Heavenly Meditations

1546:  Askew, Anne — The First Examination of Anne Askew

1547:  Askew, Anne — The Latter Examination of Anne Askew

1548:  Bacon, Ann (Cooke), trans. (from Bernardino Ochino) — Sermons of Barnardine Ochine of Sena, Translator's Preface

1548:  Elizabeth I, trans. (from Marguerite d'Angouleme) — A Godly Meditation of the Christian Soul

1548:  Parr, Katharine — The Lamentation of a Sinner

1558-01-23:  Elizabeth I — The Accession Speech and Prayer

1560:  Locke, Anne (Vaughan) — A Meditation of a Penitent Sinner

1560:  Locke, Anne (Vaughan) — Sermons of John Calvin (Introductory Epistle)

1563:  Askew, Anne — The Two Examinations of Anne Askew (Foxe)

1564:  Bacon, Ann (Cooke), trans. (from John Jewel) — An Apology or Answer in Defence of the Church of England

c. 1567:  Whitney, Isabella — The Copy of a Letter

1570:  Bacon, Ann (Cooke), trans. (from Bernardino Ochino) — Sermons of Barnardine Ochine

1573:  Whitney, Isabella — A Sweet Nosegay, or Pleasant Posy

1578:  Tyler, Margaret, trans. (from Diego Ortunez) — The Mirror of Princely Deeds and Knighthood (introductory material)

1582:  [various authors] — The First Lamp of Virginity

1582:  [various authors] — The Monument of Matrons (excerpts)

1584:  Wheathill, Anne — A Handful of Wholesome (Though Homely) Herbs

1586:  Elizabeth I — The True Copy of a Letter

1588:  Elizabeth I — The Tilbury speech (Aske's version)

1589:  Anger, Jane — Jane Anger Her Protection for Women

1589:  Dowriche, Anne (Edgecombe) — The French History

1590:  Locke, Anne (Vaughan), trans. (from Jean Taffin) — Of the Marks of the Children of God (Dedicatory Epistle)

1592:  Sidney, Mary, Countess of Pembroke, trans. (from Philippe de Mornay) — A Discourse of Life and Death

1592:  Sidney, Mary, Countess of Pembroke, trans. (from Robert Garnier) — Antonius

1595:  Sidney, Mary, Countess of Pembroke — The Doleful Lay of the Fair Clorinda

1595:  Sidney, Mary, Countess of Pembroke, trans. (from Robert Garnier) — The Tragedie of Antony

1595:  [unknown] — The Bridling, Saddling, and Riding of a Rich Churl in Hampshire

1601-11-30:  Elizabeth I — Her Majesty's Most Princely Answer (The Golden Speech)

1602:  Sidney, Mary, Countess of Pembroke — Dialogue Between Two Shepherds In Praise of Astrea

1604:  Grymeston, Elizabeth (Bernye) — Miscellanea, Meditations, Memoratives

1605:  Russell, Elizabeth, trans. (from John Ponet) — A Way of Reconciliation (introductory material)

1606:  Melvill, Elizabeth — A Godly Dream

1611:  Lanyer, Aemilia (Bassano) — Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum

1613:  Cary, Elizabeth (Tanfield), Viscountess Falkland — The Tragedie of Mariam

1616:  Leigh, Dorothy (Kemp) — The Mother's Blessing

1617:  Munda, Constantia — The Worming of a Mad Dog

1617:  Sowernam, Ester — Esther Hath Hang'd Haman

1617:  Speght, Rachel — A Muzzle for Melastomus

1619:  [unknown] — The Wonderful Discoverie of the Witchcrafts of Margaret and Phillip Flower

1620:  [unknown] — Swetnam, the Woman-Hater, Arraigned by Women

1621:  Speght, Rachel — Mortalities Memorandum

1621:  Wroth, Lady Mary (Sidney) — The Countess of Montgomery's Urania

1622:  Clinton, Elizabeth — The Countess of Lincoln's Nursery

1624:  Jocelin, Elizabeth — The Mother's Legacy to her Unborn Child

1625:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — A Warning to the Dragon

1630:  Primrose, Diana — A Chain of Pearl

1630:  R., M. — The Mother's Counsel or, Live Within Compass

1632:  Deacon, Pudentiana, trans. (from Francis de Sales) — Delicious Entertainments of the Soul (introductory materials)

1632:  Gray, Alexia, trans. (from Saint Benedict) — The Rule of the Most Blissed Father Saint Benedict (dedication)

1633:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — All the Kings of the Earth Shall Praise Thee

1634:  Owen, Jane — An Antidote Against Purgatory

1634:  Sutcliffe, Alice (Woodhouse) — Meditations of Man's Mortality

1635:  Augustine, Sister Magdalen, trans. (from Luke Wadding) — The History of the Angelical Virgin Glorious S. Clare (Introductory Material)

1639:  Du Verger, Susanne, trans. (from Jean-Pierre Camus) — Admirable Events (Epistle Dedicatory)

1640:  Man, Judith, trans. (from Nicholas Coeffeteau) — An Epitome of the History of Fair Argenis and Polyarchus

1640:  Tattle-well, Mary — The Womens Sharp Revenge

c. 1640:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — Apocalypse, Chap.

1641:  Chidley, Katharine — The Justification of the Independent Churches of Christ

1641:  Stagg, Anne, et al. — A True Copy of the Petition

1642:  Elizabeth I — Queen Elizabeth's Speech to Her Last Parliament, 1601 (published 1642)

1643-01-28:  Elizabeth I — A Most Excellent and Remarkable Speech, 1575 (published 1643)

1644:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Bride's Preparation

1644:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — From the Lady Eleanor, Her Blessing to Her Beloved Daughter

1644:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Word of God

1644:  Jones, Sarah — To Sion's Lovers

1645:  Chidley, Katharine — Good Counsel, to the Petitioners for Presbyterian Government

1645:  Chidley, Katharine — A New-Yeares Gift

1645:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — As Not Unknown, This Petition

1645:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — For Whitsun Tide's Last Feast

1645:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — Great Britain's Visitation

1646:  Burch, Dorothy — A Catechism of the Several Heads of Christian Religion

1646:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Day of Judgments Model

1646:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — For the Blessed Feast of Easter

1646:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Gatehouse Salutation

1646:  Lilburne, Elizabeth — To the Chosen and Betrusted Knights

1647:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — Ezekiel the Prophet Explained

1648:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — Reader, the Heavy Hour at Hand

1648:  Poole, Elizabeth — A Vision

1649:  Cartwright, Joanna — The Petition of the Jews

1649:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Appearance or Presence of the Son of Man

1649:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Blasphemous Charge Against Her

1649:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Crying Charge

1649:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Everlasting Gospel

1649:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — For the Most Honorable States

1649:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — For the Right Noble Sir Balthazar Gerbier

1650:  Bradstreet, Anne (Dudley) — The Tenth Muse

1650:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Arraignment

1650:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — Elijah the Tishbite's Supplication

1651:  Cary, Mary — The Little Horns Doom and Downfall, and A New and More Exact Map

1651:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — The Benediction

1651:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — Hell's Destruction

1651:  Love, Mary (Stone) — Love's Name Lives

1651:  Weamys, Anna — A Continuation of Sir Philip Sydney's Arcadia

1652:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — Bethlehem Signifying the House of Bread

1652:  Davies, Lady Eleanor — Tobits Book: A Lesson

1652:  [unknown] — Eliza's Babes

1653:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Poems and Fancies

1653:  Collins, An — Divine Songs and Meditations

1653:  Grey, Elizabeth, Countess of Kent — A Choice Manual, or Rare and Select Secrets

1653:  Grey, Elizabeth, Countess of Kent — A True Gentlewoman's Delight

1654:  Elizabeth I — The Tilbury speech (version in Cabala)

1654:  Trapnel, Anna — The Cry of a Stone

1654:  Trapnel, Anna — Strange and Wonderful News

1655:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The World's Olio

1655:  Simmons, Martha (Calvert) — A Lamentation for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

1655:  Simmons, Martha (Calvert) — When the Lord Jesus Came to Jerusalem

1656:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Natures Pictures

1656:  Fell, Margaret (Askew) — A Loving Salutation to the Seed of Abraham

1656:  Wight, Sarah — A Wonderful Pleasant and Profitable Letter

1659:  Barwick, Grace — To All the Present Rulers

1659:  Jinner, Sarah — The Woman's Almanac

1659:  Parr, Susanna — Susanna's Apology Against the Elders

1660:  Biddle, Hester — A Warning from the Lord God

1660:  Fell, Margaret (Askew) — A Declaration and an Information from us the People of God Called Quakers

1660:  Fell, Margaret (Askew) — An Evident Demonstration to Gods Elect

1660:  Fell, Margaret (Askew) — This Was Given to Major General Harrison and the Rest

1662:  Biddle, Hester — The Trumpet of the Lord Sounded Forth Unto These Three Nations

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Bell in Campo

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — A Comedy of the Apocryphal Ladies

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Comical Hash

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Female Academy

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Lady Contemplation

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Loves Adventures

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Matrimonial Trouble

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Nature's Three Daughters, Beauty, Love and Wit

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Plays (prefatory and concluding matter)

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Public Wooing

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Religious

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Several Wits

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Unnatural Tragedy

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Wits Cabal

1662:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Youths Glory, and Deaths Banquet

1662:  Evans, Katharine — This is a Short Relation

1663:  Carleton, Mary — The Case of Madam Mary Carleton

1663:  Love, Mary (Stone) — Love's Name Lives

1663:  Philips, Katherine (Fowler), trans. (from Pierre Corneille) — Pompey

1664:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — CCXI Sociable Letters

1664:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Philosophical Letters

1664:  Philips, Katherine (Fowler) — Poems

1664:  Woolley, Hannah — The Cook's Guide: or, Rare Receipts for Cookery

1666:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Observations upon Experimental Philosophy

1667:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Life of William Cavendish

1667:  Fell, Margaret (Askew) — Women's Speaking Justified

1667:  Philips, Katherine (Fowler) — Poems by the Most Deservedly Admired Mrs. Katherine Philips, the Matchless Orinda, to which is added Monsieur Corneille's Pompey and Horace, Tragedies

1668:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Bridals

1668:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Convent of Pleasure

1668:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing-World

1668:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — A Piece of a Play

1668:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — Plays Never Before Printed (preliminary matter)

1668:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Presence

1668:  Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle — The Sociable Companions, or the Female Wits

1668:  Woolley, Hannah — A Guide to Ladies, Gentlewomen, and Maids

1669:  Denham, John, trans. (from Pierre Corneille) — Conclusion to Katherine Philips' Horace

1670:  Boothby, Frances — Marcelia: or the Treacherous Friend

1671:  Behn, Aphra — The Amorous Prince, or, the Curious Husband

1671:  Sharp, Jane — The Midwives Book

1673:  Makin, Bathsua (Reynolds) — An Essay to Revive the Ancient Education of Gentlewomen

1677:  Whitrow, Joan — The Work of God in a Dying Maid

1678:  Behn, Aphra — Sir Patient Fancy

1678:  Bradstreet, Anne (Dudley) — Several Poems

1679:  Elizabeth I — The Last Speech and Thanks of Queen Elizabeth

1679:  Hutchinson, Lucy (Apsley) — Order and Disorder

1679:  Philips, Joan — Female Poems on Several Occasions

1680:  Cary, Elizabeth (Tanfield), Viscountess Falkland — The History of the Life, Reign, and Death of Edward II

1680:  Cary, Elizabeth (Tanfield), Viscountess Falkland — The History of the Most Unfortunate Prince King Edward II

1680:  Cellier, Elizabeth (Dormer) — Malice Defeated

1682:  Rowlandson, Mary (White) — The Sovereignty and Goodness of God

1684:  Behn, Aphra — Poems Upon Several Occasions, with a Voyage to the Island of Love

1685:  Behn, Aphra — Miscellany, Being a Collection of Poems by Several Hands. Together with Reflections on Morality, or Seneca Unmasked

1685:  Behn, Aphra — A Pindaric Poem

1686:  Behn, Aphra, trans. (from Balthasar de Bonnecorse) — La Montre: or The Lover’s Watch

1686:  Egerton, Sarah (Fyge) — The Female Advocate

1686:  Killigrew, Anne — Poems by Mrs. Anne Killigrew

1688:  Barker, Jane — Poetical Recreations

1688:  Behn, Aphra — A Discovery of New Worlds, Translator's Preface

1688:  Behn, Aphra — The Emperor of the Moon

1688:  Behn, Aphra (Johnson) — Oroonoko

1688:  Cellier, Elizabeth (Dormer) — To Dr.---- An Answer to his Queries, Concerning the College of Midwives

1688:  Elizabeth I — The Marriage Speech (extemporaneous version)

1688:  Elizabeth I — A Speech Made by Queen Elizabeth, 1593 (published 1688)

1688:  Waite, Mary, et al. — Epistle from the Womens Yearly Meeting at York, and an Epistle from Mary Waite

1689:  Behn, Aphra — History of the Nun

1689:  Behn, Aphra — A Pindaric Poem to the Reverend Doctor Burnet

1689:  Whitrow, Joan — The Humble Address of the Widow Whitrowe to King William

1690:  Behn, Aphra — The Widow Ranter

1690:  Evelyn, Mary — Mundus Muliebris: or, the Ladies Dressing-Room

1690:  Whitrow, Joan — The Humble Salutation and Faithful Greeting of the Widow Whitrowe to King William

1691:  D'Anvers, Alicia (Clarke) — Academia: or, the Humours of the University of Oxford

1691:  Evelyn, Mary — Mundus Foppensis: or the Fop Displayed

1692:  Conway, Anne (Finch), Viscountess Conway — The Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern Philosophy

1692:  Whitrow, Joan — To King William and Queen Mary

1693:  D'Anvers, Alicia (Clarke) — The Oxford-Act: A Poem

1693:  Elizabeth I — The Golden Speech

1693:  Elizabeth I — The Marriage Speech (parliamentary version)

1693:  [various authors] — Letters of Love and Gallantry (vol. 1)

1694:  Astell, Mary — A Serious Proposal to the Ladies

1694:  Whitrow, Joan — The Widow Whitrow's Humble Thanksgiving

1694:  [various authors] — Letters of Love and Gallantry (vol. 2)

1696:  Ariadne — She Ventures, and He Wins

1696:  Manley, Delarivier — Letters Written by Mrs. Manley

1696:  Rowe, Elizabeth (Singer) — Poems on Several Occasions

1697:  Philips, Katherine (Fowler) — Letters by the Late Celebrated Mrs. Katherine Philips

1697:  Pix, Mary (Griffith) — The Innocent Mistress

1698:  Pix, Mary (Griffith) — The Deceiver Deceived

1699:  Pix, Mary (Griffith) — The False Friend

1700:  Marsin, M. — Good News to the Good Women

1700:  Pix, Mary (Griffith) — The Beau Defeated

1701:  Chudleigh, Lady Mary (Lee) — The Ladies Defence

1702:  Wiseman, Jane — Antiochus the Great: or, the Fatal Relapse

1703:  Chudleigh, Lady Mary (Lee) — Poems on Several Occasions. Together with the Song of the Three Children Paraphrased

1703:  Egerton, Sarah (Fyge) — Poems on Several Occasions, Together with a Pastoral

1704:  [unknown] — The Female Wits

1705:  Philips, Katherine (Fowler) — Letters by the Late Celebrated Mrs. Katherine Philips

1705:  Philips, Katherine (Fowler) — Letters From Orinda to Poliarchus

1706:  Astell, Mary — Reflections Upon Marriage

1707:  Centlivre, Susanna (Freeman) — The Platonic Lady

1709:  Centlivre, Susanna (Freeman) — The Man's Bewitched

1710:  Chudleigh, Lady Mary (Lee) — Essays Upon Several Subjects in Prose and Verse

1713:  Barker, Jane — Love Intrigues: or, The History of the Amours of Bosvil and Galesia

1713:  Finch, Anne (Kingsmill), Countess of Winchilsea — Aristomenes: or, the Royal Shepherd

1713:  Finch, Anne (Kingsmill), Countess of Winchilsea — Miscellany Poems, on Several Occasions and Aristomenes

1714:  Centlivre, Susanna (Freeman) — The Wonder: A Woman Keeps a Secret

1716:  Butler, Sarah — Irish Tales

1719:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — Love in Excess (vol. 1)

1719:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — Love in Excess (vol. 2)

1720:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — Love in Excess (vol. 3)

1722:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — The British Recluse

1723:  Barker, Jane — A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

1725:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — Bath-Intrigues

1726:  Barker, Jane — The Lining of the Patch Work Screen

1726:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — The City Jilt

1727:  Boyd, Elizabeth — Variety: A Poem

1728:  Hanson, Elizabeth (Meader) — God's Mercy Surmounting Man's Cruelty

1728:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — The Agreeable Caledonian

1728:  Rowe, Elizabeth (Singer) — Friendship in Death

1729:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — The Fair Hebrew

1734:  Barber, Mary — Poems on Several Occasions

1736:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — Adventures of Eovaai, Princess of Ijaveo

1737:  Stone, Sarah — A Complete Practice of Midwifery

1739:  Collier, Mary — The Woman's Labour

1740:  Dixon, Sarah — Poems on Several Occasions

1744:  Clive, Catherine — The Case of Mrs. Clive

1745:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — The Female Spectator (vol. 1)

1745:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — The Female Spectator (vol. 2)

1745:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — The Female Spectator (vol. 3)

1745:  Haywood, Eliza (Fowler) — The Female Spectator (vol. 4)

1748:  Leapor, Mary — Poems Upon Several Occasions

1750:  Jones, Mary — Miscellanies in Prose and Verse

1750:  [unknown] — The Fortunate Transport

1751:  Leapor, Mary — Poems Upon Several Occasions (vol. 2)

1752:  Davys, Mary — The Reformed Coquet; or Memoirs of Amoranda

1755:  Osborn, Sarah (Haggar) — The Nature, Certainty, and Evidence of True Christianity

1756:  Tollet, Elizabeth — Poems on Several Occasions, with Anne Boleyn to Henry VIII

1760–1761:  Lennox, Charlotte (Ramsay) — The Lady's Museum

1767:  Lennox, Charlotte (Ramsay) — The History of Eliza (vol. 1)

1767:  Lennox, Charlotte (Ramsay) — The History of Eliza (vol. 2)

1767:  [unknown] — The Female American (vol. 1)

1768:  Bingham, Margaret, Countess of Lucan — Verses on the Present State of Ireland

1769:  Brooke, Frances (Moore) — The History of Emily Montague

c. 1770:  Cooper, Mrs. — An Address to the People of Wapping and its Environs

1771:  Montague, Mary Seymour — An Original Essay on Woman

1773:  Barbauld, Anna Laetitia (Aikin) — Poems

1773:  Pennington, Sarah, Lady — An Unfortunate Mother's Advice to her Absent Daughters

1773:  Warren, Mercy (Otis) — The Adulateur

1773:  Wheatley, Phillis — Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral

1774:  Scott, Mary — The Female Advocate

1774:  [unknown] — England's Tears: A Poem

1775:  Warren, Mercy (Otis) — The Group

1776:  Warren, Mercy (Otis) — The Blockheads: or, the Affrighted Officers

1777:  Chapone, Hester (Mulso) — A Letter to a New-Married Lady

1780:  Seward, Anna — Elegy on Captain Cook

1781:  Francis, Anne (Gittins) — A Poetical Translation of the Song of Solomon

1784:  Murray, Judith (Sargent) — Desultory Thoughts

1784:  Williams, Helen Maria — Peru, a Poem

1785:  Francis, Anne (Gittins) — The Obsequies of Demetrius Poliorcetes

1785:  Ryves, Eliza — The Hastiniad

1785:  Wast, Elizabeth — The Most Remarkable Passages in the Life and Spiritual Experiences of Elizabeth Wast

1786:  Bowdler, Jane — Poems and Essays

1786:  Cowley, Hannah (Parkhouse) — A School for Greybeards; or, The Mourning Bride

1786:  Cowley, Hannah (Parkhouse) — The Scottish Village

1786:  Trimmer, Sarah — Fabulous Histories

1787:  Pindar, Polly — The Mousiad. An Heroi-Comic Poem

1787:  Yearsley, Ann (Cromartie) — Poems on Various Subjects

1788:  Gooch, Elizabeth Sarah (Villa-Real) — An Appeal to the Public

1788:  Williams, Helen Maria — A Poem on the Bill Lately Passed for Regulating the Slave Trade

1789:  Craven, Elizabeth (Berkeley), Princess Berkeley — A Journey through the Crimea to Constantinople

1789:  Gibbes, Phebe — Hartly House, Calcutta (vol. 1)

1789:  Hands, Elizabeth — The Death of Amnon

1790:  De Fleury, Maria — British Liberty Established

1790:  Francis, Anne (Gittins) — Miscellaneous Poems

1790:  Morton, Sarah Wentworth — Ouabi

1790:  Murray, Judith (Sargent) — On the Equality of the Sexes

1791:  Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy — The Female Geniad

1791:  De Fleury, Maria — Divine Poems and Essays

1791:  Robinson, Mary (Darby) — Impartial Reflections on the Present Situation of the Queen of France

1791:  Sheridan, Frances (Chamberlaine) — Eugenia and Adelaide, a Novel (vol. 1)

1791:  Sheridan, Frances (Chamberlaine) — Eugenia and Adelaide, a Novel (vol. 2)

1791:  West, Jane (Iliffe) — Miscellaneous Poems, and a Tragedy

1791:  Williams, Helen Maria — A Farewell, for Two Years, to England

1791:  Yearsley, Ann (Cromartie) — Earl Goodwin, an Historical Play

1792:  Deverell, Mary — Mary, Queen of Scots; An Historical Tragedy

1792:  Little, Janet — The Poetical Works of Janet Little, The Scotch Milkmaid

1792:  Riddell, Maria (Woodley) — Voyages to the Madeira and Leeward Caribbean Isles

1792:  Smith, Charlotte (Turner) — Desmond

1792:  Taylor, Ellen — Poems by Ellen Taylor, the Irish Cottager

1793:  Barbauld, Anna Laetitia (Aikin) — Sins of Government, Sins of the Nation

1793:  Gooch, Elizabeth Sarah (Villa-Real) — Poems on Various Subjects

1793:  Jones, Anna Maria — The Poems of Anna Maria

1793:  Smith, Charlotte (Turner) — The Emigrants

1793:  Smith, Charlotte (Turner) — The Old Manor House

1794:  Barbauld, Anna Laetitia (Aikin) — Reasons for National Penitence

1794:  Falconbridge, Anna Maria (Horwood) — Two Voyages to Sierra Leone

1794:  Rowson, Susanna (Haswell) — The Inquisitor; or Invisible Rambler

1794:  Wakefield, Priscilla — Mental Improvement

1795:  Cristall, Ann Batten — Poetical Sketches

1795:  Edgeworth, Maria — Letters for Literary Ladies

1795:  Parker, Mary Ann — A Voyage Round the World in the Gorgon Man of War

1796:  Hamilton, Elizabeth — Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah (vol. 1)

1796:  Hamilton, Elizabeth — Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah (vol. 2)

1796:  Robinson, Mary (Darby) — Sappho and Phaon (prefatory material)

1796:  Smith, Charlotte — D'Arcy

1796:  Wollstonecraft, Mary — Letters Written during a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

1797:  Faugeres, Margaretta V. (Bleecker) — The Ghost of John Young the Homicide

1797:  Instone, Sarah — Poems on Several Occasions

1797:  Smith, Charlotte (Turner) — Elegiac Sonnets

1798:  Holford, Margaret (Wrench) — Gresford Vale; and Other Poems

1798:  Murray, Judith (Sargent) — The Gleaner

1798:  Sotheby, Eliza — Patient Griselda

1798:  Wollstonecraft, Mary — On Poetry, and our Relish for the Beauties of Nature

1799:  Adams, Hannah — A Summary History of New-England

1799:  Prescott, Rachel — Poems

1799:  Robinson, Mary (Darby) — Thoughts on the Condition of Women

1799:  Smith, Charlotte (Turner) — What Is She?

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1813:  Cowley, Hannah (Parkhouse) — Poems

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1813:  Cowley, Hannah (Parkhouse) — Who's the Dupe?

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